Jason Craighead. b.1971. Tennessee. United States.

I have come to believe that the most important thing to understand in the process of making work is the “why”.... and for me it has become that when I bring these things to life I know they are a recording of me, my life, and it feels like it makes me “real”.

Emma Fineman. b.1991. Berkeley. California. USA.

In a book a read recently called "Dancing with the Gods" by Kent Nerburn he talks about the notion of the work making itself through the artists hand, not the other way around and this resonated with me.

Clément Mancini. b.1988. Thionville. France.

My work is really inspired by the vibration of the city and what surround me in my everyday life.

Joachim Lambrechts. b.1986. Antwerp. Belgium.

When I was a kid myself I always wanted to be able to draw like an adult, but now that I'm an adult I try to paint like a child.

Rubén Rodrigo. b.1984. Salamanca. Spain.

I try to delve deeper into the matter and energy that exist in colour, and the dichotomy between its physical nature and the relationships that have been established within us through culture and art history.

Alina Vergnano. b.1989. Turin, Italy.

The main focus of my practice is the inner world, our consciousness. Emotions, desires, memories, all those states that have no shape but constantly evolve and change. So, the question I pose myself in the studio every day is, how to depict the ever-changing?

Kaloki Nyamai. b.1985. Kitui, kenya.

I use roller to apply paint on the canvas, some pieces sometimes I use cow dung, I also do a lot of stitching in my work using the burned tyre strings this is a symbol of bringing a society that has been broken together.

Joselu Montojo. b.1992. Mallorca. Spain.

I feel, although less and less, there is still a lot of skepticism towards digital art, as if it is less valuable. I do not draw on a canvas, but I also do it with my hands, with my pulse and with the knowledge that I have acquired after years.

Britty Em. Gold Coast. Australia.

I like to think creativity is a fundamental and integral part of the journey of being human. Approaching life from a creative angle allows for new and interesting possibilities.

Maximilian Magnus. b.1984. Bavarian Country. Germany.

I was lucky to have been able to be the first artist after Willem De Kooning died to live and work at his studio, next to his works for almost a year.

Douglas Cantor. b.1990. Puerto Boyaca, Colombia.

I’m a very difficult to please person, always unsatisfied. A grass is greener kind of person some might say. But then there is painting and I have never had a doubt or have felt that there is anything else for me but painting.

Sophie Crichton. b.1993. Toronto. Canada.

“He who jumps into the void owes no explanation to those who stand and watch.” Jean-Luc Godard. I love this quote. To me this exemplifies the courage one needs to take risks.

Eline Martherus. Amsterdam. Netherlands.

The colour blue has naturally become thé central colour in Hu,as we are all built from the same blueprint. This brought me to the point to be more aware of my footprint as an artist.

Jason Kriegler. b.1966. Miami. Florida. USA.

I have a deep interest in the stories, application, materials and techniques which, for many years, have been told through textiles and the people that create them.

Wes Aderhold. b.1987. Texas. USA.

Art was the only language I had to figure out who I was and make sense of the world. Being an athlete taught me the value of practice and dedication, but it also created a “gold medal” mentality, which I fight daily in my art.

Alexandra Valenti. Washington DC. United States.

Take your time. Allow yourself to experiment. Try new methods. The “mistakes” can be your doorway to flow and inspiration. 

Julien Jaca. b.1985. Toulouse, France.

I was tattoo artist for 7 years. I worked all around the world, on every continents and in many countries. But for 2 years now I had to stop everything and I only paint and work for my art each day.

Manuela Karin Knaut. b.1970. Braunschweig. Germany.

By directing my attention outside of myself, I am quickly challenged to try and understand what it feels like in someone else’s shoes. I can’t think of a better lesson for an artist.

Harold David. b.1963. Wilmington. Ohio. USA.

I tap into the unknown, put on music and have faith. I apply pure automatism and invent my own universe full of marks and abstract figures. I work freely and spontaneously and I don’t take into account coherence or sense.

Erizal As. b.1978. Padang Panjang, West Sumatra.

I believe in the saying ‘Di Atas Langit Masih Ada Langit’ (the sky has no limit). This motivates me not to be complacent or satisfied with my achievements too soon.

Marcus Aitken. b.1990. London. United Kingdom.

“A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.” A quote by the late, great Hunter S. Thompson. I try remember this whenever I feel stuck.

Peggy Kuiper. b.1987. Amsterdam. Netherlands.

I need to be quick, because emotion does not wait. Thats also why I paint with acrylic. Acrylic is very forgiving, which makes me not afraid to make mistakes. Very liberating!

Reynier Ferrer. b.1979. Havana. Cuba.

The mix of colors, textures, sounds, movements, people that I encounter in my everyday activity acts like punches or caresses in my mind, and I constantly feel the need to translate them into paintings or drawings.

Celia Lees. b.1996. Southern Ontario, Canada.

It is challenging to put into words what I would like to project from my artist practice. However, over time the following words have always stuck with me: “Art is a language I can not articulate otherwise.” 

Tincuta Marin. b.1995. Galati. Romania.

Born in a large family with many siblings, I used to be the quiet one - so I discovered painting as a form of talking, my language became my drawings, paintings and clay sculptures.

Ty Nathan Clark. b.1974. Waco, Texas. USA.

We get to choose what art the world sees; we don’t have to show everything we create. Maybe 10% of our work is really strong, and that is the work we should lead with.

Elke Foltz. b.1991. Paris, France.

I am always facing that decisive moment where my choices on the canvas can totally ruin the composition. But it is important to learn to surpass this uncomfortable moment and let go. For me, this is often the moment where the magic happens.

Pati Baztán. b.1982. Barcelona, Spain.

Nature is my main source of inspiration, the shapes of the water, the light, shadows. I like to see my paintings as if they were a stone, something that has always been there and is natural.

Alvaro Guilherme. b.1993. Angola. Africa.

I challenge myself to make art under any circumstances, places or phases that I find myself in. It is in this artistic exploration where I find my sensation of freedom.

Lucas de la Rubia. b.1986. Madrid. Spain.

In the most absolute intimacy I dedicate myself to dance, facing the public, I am a sculptor.

Marco Reichert. b.1979. Berlin. Germany.

I see myself as a process-based painter, the material itself is the protagonist of my works. I love to surprise myself.

Margaret Fitzgerald. London. United Kingdom.

When I came to NM I felt a connection to the landscape. The unfinished raw qualities of the land and the urban scape was conducive to painting for me.

Etienne Gros. b.1962. Vosges. France.

I like this thought of Auguste Rodin: "I have always tried to render inner feelings through the mobility of muscles. "This correspond well to my painting.

Eva Magill-Oliver. South Carolina. United States of America.

I’ve always loved this popular quote from artist Chuck Close and it often serves as my motto. “Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work...“

An Wei. b.1990. Madrid. Spain.

When I start to paint, I usually put classical music and at the end of day, techno music. I like cigarettes, Dr Martens shoes and Coca Cola, in that order. My sentence: Pizza is from China.

Armando Mesías. b.1986. Cali. Colombia.

I believe in painting and arts as a means to explore the inner and less conscious self, to propose questions and to establish a dialogue around their (hopefully) universal nature and current relevance.

Tim Sandow. b.1988. Wolgast. Germany.

As a teenager I was more into reading, drawing cartoons, watching movies, creating graphic designs, than getting mentally touched by the potential of a painting.

Oso Parado Mango. Somewhere in the world.

I believe that art is the relationship between my desire to connect with nature, people and the universe. To entertain myself and enjoy the process of creating, the process is the art and the side effect is the artwork.

Abdellah EL-HAITOUT. b.1971. Lalla Mimouna. Morocco.

I like to read about life of painters, their notes and their diaries. I think the most important book that influenced me is the interviews of David Sylvester with Francis Bacon.

Anne Mei Poppe. b.1989. Amsterdam. Netherlands.

My paintings mirror the way the lives of loved ones are connected. In some way art is always a self-portrait of the artist.

Stanislas Piechaczek. b.1990. Issoudun. France.

Painting is such a big part of my life that I very rarely need a kick up the butt to do it.

Louis Thomas. b.1987. Paris. France.

I am part of a generation and from a wester country, who has an "easy life". I have nothing to defend really or fight for in my work, except freedom itself in beeing, diversity, curiosity, tolerance and try to depict people as I see them.

Heather Jeanne Chontos. Tarrytown, NY. USA.

As an artist I believe that the person making the work and the story that they have to tell is more relevant to understanding the work. It informs a clearer idea of who is behind the creation and how they maybe even choose their medium. We should get to know our artists and their environments, their stories and then we should look at their work.

Tamim Sibai. b.1991. Damascus, SYR.

To choose the right time and place could be difficult but being yourself is a choice itself, I like capturing encountered behaviours, masks and mirror images and let it comes out through my oil paint brush strokes and the sense of the surface.

Andrea Ehret. b.1978. Slovakia.

I believe art heals and helps us to stay authentic. Circle is my favorite symbol and the round canvas just gives me different options of composition. The circle, Mother Earth, Universe, beginning and the end. The essence of life, woman, unity, intuition and Spirit. Deus est Circulus.

Grègór Belibi Minya. Normandy. France.

When I was a kid, I was strongly influenced of my parents musical taste. Sacred music with my mother, and rhythmic music with my father. I find in the work of Beethoven, Stravinsky and Arvo Part much of this parental mixture.

Jesu Moratiel. Madrid Spain.

Lately I say a lot "the devil is in the details". A good artist is a professional in seeing like a child.

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