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Through the photography and art contest "Piece with Artist Awards 2021", the Instagram page @piece_with_artist, aims to discover, support, and promote the work of artists of any discipline to the general public, through the exhibition of photographs that show the artist together with his work, images that we believe provide great documentary, artistic and personal value about the artist and their work.

Before taking part in the contest, the candidate must read and understand the rules of this contest and once their entry has been formalized, he/she accepts each and every one of the clauses detailed here. At the same time, the candidate agrees not to submit any type of claim or dispute because of the result or verdict of the contest.



The competition is open to anyone of any nationality of legal age or artists of any artistic discipline who submit a photograph with the theme “PIECE WITH ARTIST”.

Each candidate guarantees that he/she is the author of the work and the image submitted and gives up the rights to reproduce the image presented in any audiovisual, digital or printed form on any current or future linked platform to the Instagram page @piece_with_artist.

In the event that the photograph is taken by another person, the candidate must indicate the name of the photographer and it is assumed that once the registration for the contest is formalized that the candidate has the permission and acceptance of the photographer of the image submitted and that also signs over the rights to its audiovisual, digital or printed reproduction on any current or future linked platform to the Instagram page @piece_with_artist. In any dispute that may arise regarding the copyright of the image submitted, the candidate is solely responsible and accepts this legal responsibility.


Participation in the contest can only be done digitally through a email to the awards@piecewithartist.com, where the candidate must attach a maximum of 3 photographies with which he/she wants to participate in the contest. The candidate must also indicate their Instagram name in the email.

Once the image with which the candidate wants to participate has been received, the organization will send the candidate confirmation of participation in the contest via email within 72 hours.

There is no set resolution for the images to be submitted to the contest, as long as they can be sent by a single email. It is worth mentioning that although there is no predetermined resolution to participate in the contest, their quality and good definition will be important factors in the awarding of the prizes.


The “Piece with Artist’s” organization will determine, once the registration date has come to an end, a selection of 20 finalists. These 20 finalists will receive an email before September 15, 2021 about their status as a finalist. The finalists must respond to the email sent before September 20, 2021; otherwise, the organization reserves the option of choosing another finalist instead.

The organization reserves the choice of the jury as anonymous, which will be made up of two professionals from the sector, one in the field of photography and the other in contemporary art. The two people on the jury will be in charge of determining the first from among the 20 finalists selected by Piece with Artist. The choice of the 20 finalists as the first prize cannot be left void and the decision of the jury and the organization will be final, and there is no right to claim of any kind.

The name of the 20 finalists will be published on the “Piece with Artist” website on September 25, 2021. The name of the first prize will be published on the “Piece with Artist” website on September 30, 2021.


20 OUTSTANDING FINALISTS ON OUR INSTAGRAM AND WEBSITE. The 20 finalists selected by the Piece with Artist organization will be published on the “Piece with Artist” Instagram Page with one of the photographs submitted to the contest. They will also be interviewed and published in the "Artist Diaries" section of the “Piece with Artist” website. Out of the 20 finalists selected by the organization, the jury will choose a first prize with the following prize:

FIRST PRIZE: $200 + PROMOTION OF THEIR WORK ON OUR INSTAGRAM FOR ONE YEAR. The promotion of the work of the winning candidate on the Instagram page of “Piece with Artist” (@piece_with_artist) will be based on the publication of a photo of the candidate, their work or a combination of both EVERY TWO MONTHS during the year following the jury’s decision. That is, in TOTAL there will be 6 PUBLICATIONS of their work during the year following the ruling. The economic settlement of the award will be made effective via Paypal and the winning candidate will have to deal with the tax withholdings and Paypal commissions that are derived from it.


Each candidate and the author of the photograph submitted expressly authorizes the Instagram page “Piece with Artist” (@piece_with_artist) and its website www.piecewithartist.com, to reproduce, communicate and distribute publicly, free of charge and without economic consideration for the candidate, the image submitted to the contest in any of its current or future forms in digital or printed form.

Whenever “Piece with Artist” uses the image on any of its platforms, these will be accompanied by the name of the artist that appears on it and the credits of the Author or photographer of the image that the artist has notified with the entry to the contest. In the event that the author of the photograph has not been notified by the artist candidate and this results in a dispute or claim from the author of the photograph, the candidate is solely responsible for the resolution of any conflicts that may arise.


Each candidate is legally responsible for his or her own actions and the use of his or her material.The Organiser cannot in any way be held responsible for any damage or prejudice caused to the candidates. The Organiser reserves the right to modify, extend or simply cancel the competition due to any event beyond its control. The Organiser may not be held liable in the event that one or more candidates are unable to take part in the competition or suffer any prejudice whatsoever due to malfunctions and/or disruptions that could affect the smooth running of the competition. Concerning the use of the competition website, each candidate is informed of the risks inherent to the Internet network and in particular access performance, risks of interruption and computer viruses.

The Organiser reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time, without prior notice or obligation to give reasons and without its liability being engaged for this reason alone. In the event of a change of dates, the new dates will be mentioned on the competition web page.


www.piecewithartist.com © 2021 Piece with Artist.