My name is Lucas de la Rubia, born in Madrid in 1986. I am currently living and working in this city. In the most absolute intimacy I dedicate myself to dance, facing the public, I am a sculptor. 


FEB 09, 2021. MADRID. SPAIN.


Tell us your story, how did you come to sculpture? Sculpture has been for me a great desire for a long time. I just didn’t have the physical and mental space to give it a try. I’ve been drawing, painting, photographing and playing music since I was a kid, so sculpture was a very natural consequence from all that.

How would you define your current sculpture? My sculptures are increasingly more related to what surrounds me when I’m working. I can’t really define them but I would say that they are a combination between the idiosyncrasy of the place where I am and a scenario from where to project my deepest concerns.

Tell us about your style and technique. Any secret that can be told? I tend to work with materials that, on their own, represent contradictory ideas. I normally try to make these ideas, represented by antagonistic materials, coexist in a same body, in a same piece and place.  

How do you usually start your sculptures? With a sketch, a draft or is it just an improvisation? I work in a very intuitive way. Normally I will start with the idea of a form. Once I have this form in my mind, I pursue it until the result is similar to what I wanted. But it’s not always the same process. Sometimes it is an object what starts everything. Like a door, or an exhaust pipe… Also, I write a lot about my creative process, so putting these ideas into words normally helps me to define what I want to do.

What are your motivation forces? And the artists who have been and are an influence for you? Everything is a motivation force. I am grateful that I am surrounded by people that are constantly creating and thinking. I have friends who I admire a lot and their work is a constant inspiration to me.

What can you tell us about your studio, what kind of place is it? My current studio is in the southern part of the city. It’s a perfect place for me. I have enough space to experiment and play with materials, and also to relate myself in space with different formats and sizes of work. I can play music as loud as I want and have infinite conversations about art with my studio mate.

What is art for you? For me, art, and specially abstract art, is a way to relate with the world that surrounds me and to brake the boundaries that preconceived thoughts create.  Art is also a perfect excuse to have fun.

Photos by: Ana Schulz
Instagram. @lucas_delarubia


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